Love! Peace! Cool! If you remember these words youll want to hear about Mad Dogs 70, the worlds greatest Joe Cocker tribute band whose multi-generational diversity is reflected in their audience. We dare you NOT to say Far out! when you see fans from 8 to 80 immersed in the spirit of peace, love, and flower power inspired by the bands uncanny recreation of Joe Cockers now classic 1970 tour with Leon Russell chronicled in the Mad Dogs and Englishmen film frequently cited as the best concert video of all time. The casts accurate reproduction truly sets an industry standard. Listeners (even band members!) repeatedly ask, So this is the original, right? Mad Dogs 70 brings forth all the good things from the hippie era to successfully create a love-one-another atmosphere. Ever seen a suited business executive flashing the peace sign and grinning from ear-to-ear? Audience members quickly relax in the laid back, do-your-own-thing vibe generated by Mad Dogs 70.
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