Top Entertainer facilitates an unique and customizable event to generate excitement and energy. An Icon Entertainer has 10 to 14 years of experience and are usually full time performers with 400 to 600 hundred events under their belts. This celebration includes a complete sound system and our PLUS Package deluxe light show, party props and much more We write these bios so that you can get to know our team better. But Austin is one of those guys that you have to meet in person to appreciate. Hes just a laid back, professional entertainer who loves music and is great on a mic. And when say he loves music he is an accomplished musician with eight years of band experience under his belt. He is a drummer. He is a singer. Hes a guitarist. Hes a sound tech. The man knows his way around equipment and there is no one (including our Director of Music & Awesomeness) who is better at this than Austin.

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