BRIEFCASE BLUES™ is a live musical show-band and revue based on the “Blues Brothers” characters originally created by Saturday Night Live comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. Of all the tributes and look-alikes around the world dedicated SOLELY to portraying the Blues Brothers live onstage (with or without a band) only one group – BRIEFCASE BLUES™ - has held the honor now for a total of TWENTY-FOUR years - complete with a full-sized professional band.BASED in the UNITED STATES, founded in 1983 (one year after John Belushi's untimely death) and STILL going strong, BRIEFCASE is backed by a hot 8-piece showband (4 horns, 4 rhythm players) - while the stars of the show J.W. Leggio (as Jake) and Lee Schwing (as Elwood) faithfully re-create the “Brothers” characters in true Belushi & Aykroyd style! BRIEFCASE BLUES™ has performed for every type of event, party, public concert and social gathering imaginable. In the past few years, BRIEFCASE has added to its list of credits with on-camera commercial and industrial film appearances, including a 14-minute “mini-movie” (available upon request) produced for the GAMBRINUS COMPANY, the largest privately-owned beer importing company in the world.
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